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Learn what throws our bodies out of whack and when/why the body stores fat we don't need. Clean up the burn byproducts clogging your system and rapidly aging you!


The body's stress response can gets stuck 'on'. Toxins frustratingly block our healthy efforts from yielding results. *Bonus: max results with the this type of sleep! 


Lower inflammation, balance gut bacteria, avoid Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid, and autoimmune disorders, Boost energy!


Early Trauma's effects and the toll of emotional stress. Build self compassion and set expectations based on the incredible things you've overcome.


Healing Leaky Gut and Balancing Blood sugar. Real time, practical lifestyle solutions to cut cravings, think clearly, improve mood, and absorb your nutrients.


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Joan Michelson

One little fix!

My blood sugar was off and it was throwing off my hormones, messing with my sleep, and giving me a belly. Using nutrition and eating timing tools worked!

Helen Weaver

This needs to be advertised.

I didn't think losing weight was really possible at my age but the daily detox soup and the breath work somehow made a difference.

Shelly Armstrong

Where was this 10 yrs ago!?

Aaron Lewis

California -38

Got more than expected

I've never heard someone explain trauma's effect on focus, weight loss, and mood. I expected this to be a typical fitness program but there was so much more.

Maria Salazar

Well, that worked...

I lost 8lbs without upping my exercise or depriving myself. Little tweaks resulted in better sleep, tighter skin, and clearer thinking. I've shared these tips with friends & they're starting to uplift.

Jason Cohnley

More Please!

Sara is that bold, funny friend that has spent time geeking out over health hacks. She's clearly been through tough stuff but manages to keep it light & empowering for others. I like her style.

It's so refreshing to not be told to work out harder & starve myself. Getting more results by focusing on sleep, joy, and fun exercise is wonderful! SO much self love easing into wellness this way.

Julie Schneider


I've had focus issues much of my life and have been really hard on myself about it. Finally understanding trauma's role and effect of the brain helps me set better goals and have some self compassion.

Mick Stanley


I've always been geeky about factors that make up each individual, but the 'Your Unique Design' program was such a fun look at variables I hadn't even thought of! Every 20something should know about this.

Rachel Robinson