• Understand Your Trauma

    The heaviness, despair, and loss of motivation can feel like too much.

    This program outlines the effects of early abuse and traumatic events, offering tools

  • Soothing Techniques that Work

    The 5 Wounds, Fragmented Selves,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reframing, PTSD trigger management, & more.

  • Get to a Life you Love

    Build your self confidence, discover your unique design, set goals right for you, and move past trauma.

Manage Triggers, understand your trauma, heal, & forgive.

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What Customers Say

I was relieved to hear someone be honest and not try to shame me into "being ok." Through compassion and soothing tools, I get more done and have less anxiety.

Charlie Eldridge


My wife turned me onto this and we did it together. We had the best results with intermittent fasting and hacking our sleep. The trauma program also helped our marriage.

Nate Johnston


I had no idea why I reacted the way I did and my brain sometimes felt like it went "offline." It's nice to not feel alone and instead be acknowledged for my resilient strength.

Kim Anderson


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Learn what throws our bodies out of whack and when/why the body stores fat we don't need. Clean up the burn byproducts clogging your system and rapidly aging you!


The body's stress response can gets stuck 'on'. Toxins frustratingly block our healthy efforts from yielding results. *Bonus: max results with the this type of sleep! 


Lower inflammation, balance gut bacteria, avoid Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid, and autoimmune disorders, Boost energy!


Early Trauma's effects and the toll of emotional stress. Build self compassion and set expectations based on the incredible things you've overcome.


Healing Leaky Gut and Balancing Blood sugar. Real time, practical lifestyle solutions to cut cravings, think clearly, improve mood, and absorb your nutrients.


A complete guide to Superfoods and Supplements! All of the confusing nutrients laid out by what they do & where we can find them ...PLUS the best brands to choose.